Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is a shoe technology?

Today in science class we explored the definition of technology and engineer.  After much negotiation and convincing, we agreed that technology is anything created to solve a problem or meet a need.  We explored several different examples of technology in our lab groups: a light bulb, a calculator, tape, a stapler, and scissors.  What other kinds of technology can you find in your house?


chris brown said...

food food is important so it dose not leave people hungry or thirsty

chris brown

Elizabeth :D said...

Some thing in my house that is technology is a nail. It is technology because it solves the problem of putting pictures on a wall.

katie said...

something in my house that is technology is
a chair because it solves the problem of
being able to sit without standing all day.

anne said...

a computer is a technology for findding stuff and haveing fun games in it

Collin #22 said...

A bed is a piece of technology so then you can sleep in comfort

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