Friday, November 18, 2011

Land Ho!

We have had a very exciting week in class as we explored the "New World."  We worked in groups and pretended to be explorers from Spain or Portugal off to claim new land for our King.  Some of us got sick along the way with Scuvy or Typhus... Yikes! 

In reading we've also been learning about some famous explorers.  Christopher Columbus, Jacques Cartier, Hernan Cortes, etc. 

Today, I want you to think about all we've learned this week.  Then, click the links below to complete a thinkquest and learn even more about European Explorers.  Finally, leave a comment below in a 3-2-1 Summary format.

  • 3 Things You Learned (Big Ideas)
  • 2 Interesting Facts
  • 1 Question You Have
The Columbus Navigation Homepage


Enjoy your quest!


Marisa said...

3. christopher Columbus was born in Genoa.
3. jacques Cartier was born in 1491 French seaport town of saint malo.
3. Christopher Columbus saild from spain across the Atlantic in 1492.

2. heron Cortes was born in Spain, died December 2, 1547.
2.columbus took the Santa Maria and the pinta on his sailing
Journey. did they all die?

Jenna said...

1. Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa.
2. Christopher Columbus was looking for gold and spices.
3. Hernando Cortes was born in Mexico.

1. Hernando Cortes was born in Mexico.
2. Hernando Cortes died on December 2, 1547

1.How did Hernando Cortes die?

katie said...

3. 1. They left for gold, spices, and new land.
2. The piñata weighed about 70tons.
3. Christopher Columbus died at age 54.
2. 1. They took 5 voyages.
2. “la gallega “ means ship.
1. 1. How many people were on all the boats.

Jalen said...

3. 1. They went exploring to draw new maps.
2. They use wind to make the ships move.
3. Explorers left to find gold.

2. 1. Sailors got scurvy on the ships. (I did too!)
2. Columbus sailed to find more stuff.

1. 1. Why didn’t the Native American’s hide their gold?

Kaiya said...

3. 1. Jauqes Cartier was a French navigator.
2. Hernan Cortes was the conquer of Mexico.
3. The captin of the Nina was Vicente Yanez Pinzon.
2. 1. The Santa Maria was the largest ship Columbus brought with him.
2. Jauqes Cartier was born in 1491.
1. 1. I wonder if Christopher Columbus, Jauqes Cartier, and Hernan Cortes
Were friends.

taytay said...

3.Christopher Clumbus was born in 1451, in Genoa,Italy.
3.Explorer all went on journeies to find gold, spiceces, silver, and new land.
3. All of the great and famos explorers or sailers lived good lives.

2.Jacques Cartier lived from 1491 to 1557.
2.sailing was fun it was interesting that we can do that kind of stuff.

1.will we be able to do something like this again and will it make history for Amercia?

By, taylor

nykole said...

3. Christopher columbus was born in genoa.
2.Christopher columbus was looking for spices and gold.
1. Hernando cortes was born in mexio.

2.Hernando cortes died in decemder 2,1547
1.Hernando cortes was born in mexico

1.How did hernado cortes die?

Liz :D said...

1. Columbus’s league was 3.2 nautical miles long.
2. Columbus died at the age of 54.
3. The Pinta weighed 70 tons.

1. Christopher Columbus wasn’t the first person to discover the Americas, the natives were.
2. The Santa Maria had a nickname it was La Gallego, it means ship.

1. What was the most common disease on all the voyages?

Collin #22 said...

Hernandes Corez took the emperer of the astecs.
chris c sailed in 1492.
Chris c found the new land.

2. H.C took prisinors.
J.C. tried to find Asia but found new land.

1 questin I have Is why wooden not metal

mando said...

1there where a 20 doller bill of jacques cartier columbas saild west in india culumbas wanted to sail to new land to spred christenandeny
2the ships go 90 to 100 miles a day 2christer culumbas had a 40 doller bill of his ship santa maria

1how many days did it take christerculumbas to find new land.

chris brown said...

3 1 thing I leared was that when explores were on a boat that they got sick easyere then usaua. And people got typhis and scervy and died over it. 3 2 that when yur on a boat that u have to watch out so none of yur crew members through u over board or tried to take u hosatge.
Then a 3 thing I leared was that u need to know how to do the stuff that docter knows how to do if anybody was to get injured or ill so u could take care of them and save there lives.
2 1when jacques cartiar and when he sailed and tried to find asia but instead found the a world where indians lived and took indians as prisinors
2another interesting fact I learned was that when h.c when he sailed to mexico that when he came back to mexico that they wernt giving up this time and hernan cortes had to kill evreybody
1then if everybody was still alive I would ask y did they want gold and spices instead of prisinors

Lindsay said...

1.Over several days Columbus day would average a little less than 4 knots. 2. For the vessels was about 8 knots. 3. so over 90 or 100 miles in a day. By:Lindsay

Seth said...

3. 1. Explorers sailed to find a new country.
2. You can get sick on the ship.
3. You can get bugs on your food.

2. 1. They sailed to different countries.
2. They used sails to move their ships.
1. 1. How long does it take to get there?

anne said...

3.Columbus spend fruitless week in Cuba seaching for gold,or for the chinese civiliation he had read about from Marco Polo.
2. On Chrismas Eve,the flagship Santa Maria grounded on a reef near Cap Haitien and sank on the next day.
1. But the tiny Niña could not hold all of the remaining crew, so Columbus was forced to leave about 40 men behind to await his return from Spain.

2. Columbus sighted the island of Santa Maria in the Azores the next day.
1. Columbus visited five islands in the Bahamas before reaching Cuba.
1.Did Columbus die on the ship and how old is he.

brock said...

3.1. They had gold.
2. He had many ships.
3. they had many people on the ships crew.

2.1. Christopher’s crew list was very big.
2. his crew found lots of gold, silver, and wheat.

1.1.What will happen to the gold.

Alan said...

3 1. I learned that the Nina is Christopher Columbus’s smallest ship.

2. I learned that there is an explorer named Jacque Cartie

3. there is another explorer name Harman Cortes.

2 1. Hernan Cortes is from Cuba.
2. He was willing to go to the island to find gold.

1. 1. Why did Hernan Cortes go there instead of searching somewhere else?

Courtney said...

The Pinta is 60 tons, its length of it was 66 feet, and its width is 66 feet.

Two things that I learned were that there were people all over sailing for gold. Plus tobacco only grows in certain spots.

One question that I still have is why did they think the world was flat?

Abby said...

The nina, the panta, and the santa maria.
They came over for the money and wanted jobs and land for their country.
The asatic people were the first founders of the land also known as the native Americans

Smallest of the fleet was the Nina, captained by vincente Anes Pinzon brother of Martin.
Columbus had suffered through a long terminal illness.

Why did Columbus decide to be a sailor?

Abby Linger

Alexis said...

3. 1. Columbus was the first sailor who kept a detailed log of his voyages. 2. The names of the ships were called Nina, Pinta, and the Santa Maria. 3. Columbus visited five islands in the Bahamas before reaching Cuba.

2. 1. Columbus traveled for his first voyage in 1492-1493. 2. Some people got scurvies.

1. 1. How many people could the ship hold?

Trey said...

3. 1 Christopher Columbus had a lot of crew and gold
2 there were lots of diseases at the time.
3 There were different ways to navigate 1490s.

2 1 Christopher Columbus wanted to sail to spread Christianity.

Lily said...

3. things I leaned were contrary to popular myth
2. Columbus’s crew on first voyage were not a bunch of cutthroats
1. That he went to search for gold and spices for queen Isabella

2.One interesting fact is that Christopher Columbus died in valldolid,Spain,On May 20th,1506,at the age of 54.
1.Recently ,spainish

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