Friday, February 17, 2012

Camp Michindoh - Last Day

Well by now you are all home, clean, and probably close to falling asleep!  We had a great last half day today at Camp Michindoh.  Breakfast was yummy breakfast burritos but we did have some piggy waste. :( 

Today, I stopped at all of the classes!  I started at the OLS (outdoor living skills) to see Spankee teaching the kids about building shelters.  They did a fantastic job - I think I would even sleep in some of those shelters!  Then I went to the rock wall where I saw Collin, Marisa, Eli, and Mando (and I'm sure others) climb past their personal goal!  Way to go guys!  Then I headed over to Mission Possible and watched some kids practicing their communication skills building different shapes.  Then I stopped by the reptile house - ew!  I saw some very brave girls wrapping snakes around their necks like Cleopatra. You're all so brave! 

Lunch today was yummy chicken patty sandwiches and guess what.... WE GOT A ZERO, WE GOT A ZERO WE GOT A ZZZZEEEERRRRO HUH!  This was also the time we earned our piggy with a big "2" on it to go on the Piggy Waste board and stay there until next year!  Woo Hoo! While at lunch they put on a great skit putting together all of the songs and skits we'd seen all week!  (I will try to load that video in a separate post.)  Those camp leaders sure are energetic! 

After loading the buses with luggage you heard Bear talk about the bird and about making choices.  He talked about what great campers you all were this week and how you really made this the best week it could possibly be!  I have to say I agree with Bear.  I had a great week with each and every one of you.  I've never seen you smile or laugh as much I did this week.  I've never seen you all work so well together on tasks, games, or just making sure everyone was included.  I am so very proud of what mature young adults you all were this week.  Thank you all so much for a great week of camp!  

Marisa climbing the wall (sorry it's sideways)

Liz and the snake! 

Oh goodness, Spankee!

"Bunnies!" Way to go Mando!

Our flying piggy waste pig! 


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