Friday, February 24, 2012

Camp Survey

Today in the computer lab you have 3 jobs.  First is to complete the camp survey below.  Second, I'd like you to complete one typing lesson.  Finally, please work on your NWEA games. 

Below you will find a survey about fifth grade camp.  Please answer the questions honestly and thoughtfully.  We'll take a look at all of the data we collected and talk about the best way to organize the data later in math class.  (Sounds a lot like chapter 6, doesn't it?) 


nykole said...

Ms.Metevia camp was soooooooooo much fun i think i might be a cabin leader my self wahen i get in high school i loved it alot im very glad i went.:) Thank you so much for takeing me. It was amazing i really really really enjoyed it.
It was so fun. thank you so much.

courtney said...

Camp was the best thing thats ever happend to me, I had ablast so thank you Ms. Metevia,and thank you to my cabin leaders also and I had the time of my life at camp,that means I'm going back in the summer and haveing even more fun then I just had!!!! It will be great,laying on the beach, eating all those great foods and the big slide it would be great!!! and with the family it just gets better and better!with a discount!!! wow this summer will be great !! just great!!!!!!!

abby.linger said...

ms.metevia it could be so much fun to be a
camp leader thank you so much for taking me
to michindoh

from Abby

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