Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Results

Hey 5th Graders!  I wanted to share this link with you to make your extra credit homework a little easier!  I believe if you click here you will be taken to abc news homepage.  If you scroll down there is a map that will start to change colors as soon as results come in.  I should tell you this might be a long night... as I told you my mom works as a city clerk in Wixom.  I just hung up the phone with her and she told me the lines were still crazy long and there was no way they'd be done by 8pm.  Although the polls technically close at 8pm, they stay until the last voter in line gets to vote.  Leave me some comments - let me know what you think about this experience!  (Please respect other classmates by not sharing your political views, but just comments about the election, news, voting, etc. in general.) See you in the morning! 


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